A family waits for their train. Calcutta, India 2012

“Our battered suitcases were piled on the sidewalk again; we had longer ways to go. But no matter, the road is life.”

–Jack Kerouac, On The Road

That last epic update we sent out to our newsletter subscribers generated quite a buzz. People were so enthusiastic and excited to hear that we are still traveling after so many years.

We were so grateful and touched by the response, and we want you to know that we appreciate the unwavering support of our lovely readers throughout this journey.

One of our readers definitely has a burning desire to make this dream happen for both herself and her husband…so much so that she was inspired to email us to ask how to do it.

“Tame” wrote in asking how it would be possible to travel for years like we’ve been doing, and stay at nice hotels.

While it’s quite an undertaking to plan for a dream of this scale, particularly if you’re pretty entrenched in the American lifestyle of a home, a career, and other obligations…clearly it is still possible to make it happen.

We thought this question was so good, it warranted filming a video response for the benefit of all of our readers.

In this first of many future “reader mailbag” video responses(keep sending us questions!) we briefly cover a few key things that Tame can work on with her husband as they start to organize and build the foundation for launching themselves onto a dream trip.


Things you’ll learn about in this 5 minute video:

  • Two things aside from “travelhacking” that would form the basis of anyone’s plan to launch a trip of this scale.
  • A few key principles we have followed that have enabled us to continue traveling for years.
  • One big consideration anyone who is thinking of traveling long-term would need to account for before taking the leap.


Have a look, and if you too have some burning questions about traveling…we’d love to help you as well! Let us know in the comments.